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Working at Wedia

Welcome to Planet Wedia! Read our Story. Skyrocket your Career.

Do you believe that the world of eCommerce deserves better digital experiences?

Do you want your work to make an impact in a working environment that fosters inclusion and promotes creativity

Then, it’s time to know more about life on planet Wedia, one of the most experienced, holistic approaching agencies in Greece!

Let this mini eBook guide you through our ecosystem, where growth is a ‘we’ situation. In its pages, you will:

  • Meet our teams
  • Discover our 3 main pillars of expertise
  • Find out what you can expect from life as a wedian
  • Learn how you can grow your career by joining us and much more

When your tour is done, you might feel you belong on our planet…

If so, we’d love to meet you and create cutting-edge eCommerce experiences together!

Look inside

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